Lifecycle Financial Planning

Allegiance Wealth Management

Wealth management is a lifetime process in pursuit of financial prosperity. But financial prosperity is a state not a destination. A state requires on-going effort to maintain its status. Through proper planning and implementation of sound advice, everyone can reach and maintain the state of financial prosperity. Money means different things to different people; we define financial prosperity as a state of being free from having financial constraints to achieve meaningful goals in life. If the goal of financial planning is to improve the quality of your lifestyle by optimizing the use of available financial resources, then reaching for financial prosperity is an on-going activity which strives for such quality.

At Allegiance Wealth Management, we offer financial planning advice and assist you in planning though out various life stages from creating wealth to enjoying your wealth, and eventually leaving a legacy by passing on your wealth to your loved ones. We take on a goal based integrated planning approach which is set under principles and driven by a disciplined planning process. This process is designed to assess the circumstance at your current stage of life and build tailored financial strategies to improve your current and future financial situation.

No matter which life stage you are at, a sound personal financial plan should address your current priorities as well as any potential future needs. It is very common that many people focus to achieve multiple goals in isolation; our planning approach integrates all your needs and expressed goals as a whole and develops planning strategies to optimize results for you. Having said that, we recognize everyone may have different priorities, and when it is necessary we can also deal with each area separately with consideration how each strategy will fit with the overall plan to drive for the most effective outcome.

The benefit of an integrated approach is to minimize redundancy and maximize efficiency of the use of financial resources. This is because an individual typically has multiple financial objectives that are overlapping in different areas, planning at one area can affects the outcome of other areas. By integrating all the financial strategies, you will have a much better control in your financial situation when everything is mapped out. Through planning with us, you will discover solutions to meet your financial priorities and goals…

  • Are you optimizing your cash flow for wealth accumulation?
  • Have you minimized taxes you pay?
  • Are you investing tax efficiently?
  • If you own a business, have you effectively make use of the capitals available in your company to meet both business and personal needs?
  • Are you seeking ways to increase employee productivity and attract new talents?
  • Does your business currently have a sound compensation plan to retain key employees?
  • Is your investment portfolio diversified properly to maximize growth while minimizing risk?
  • Are you certain of having sufficient retirement income to last for your lifetime?
  • Will you have enough income to replace your income from employment in case of accidents or sickness?
  • Is your family financially prepared when face with adversities in life?
  • Is your estate organized in the way you envisioned?

To learn more about how we can help you to achieve your goals, please contact one of our advisors.