Leaving a Legacy

Allegiance Wealth Management

Over a lifetime of hard work, you have accumulated significant wealth for yourself as well as generations to come. Your legacy do not just stop when wealth is transferred to the next generation, it extends to the purpose behind the wealth you pass on. Whether the purpose is for family succession or for charitable causes, is your financial plan prepared to have the objectives carried out as you envision?

Estate Planning

Planning how to share your wealth with your loved ones when you are not around encompasses many steps from formulating your will, organizing your assets and liabilities, appointing an executor and trustee, to designating beneficiaries. It is a process which helps to you to distribute wealth in ways you wanted on the most efficiency manner.  Learn more >

Charitable Giving

You don’t need to be a multi-millionaire to be a philanthropist. Through proper planning and arrangement, you can leave meaningful contributions to your favorite charities and fulfill those charitable causes you hold dear.