Enjoying Your Wealth

Allegiance Wealth Management

Retirement is a stage of life where you begin to enjoy the fruits of your hard work. The definition of retirement has evolved over the years as many people don’t necessary see their retirement as a complete disconnection to working. Some still choose to work even though they might have sufficient sources of income to sustain their retirement lifestyle. No matter how you define your retirement, you need a solid retirement income plan which outlines strategies to generate income efficiently on the after-tax basis.

Retirement Income Planning

Through the lengthy period of your working years, you have accumulated financial assets in various vehicles to fund your retirement. Our mission is to develop a strategy to help you coordinating all different sources of income, such as your pension, RRIF, government benefits, or personal savings, to meet your desired level of income while minimizing taxation.  Learn more >

Managing Investments

Making money last for life would probably be the ultimate goal during the stage of retirement. With market volatility, income from your investment portfolio can be affected greatly. With proper planning and appropriate portfolio strategies, we can help to manage risks in your investment to preserve assets for the rest of your life.  Learn more >

Tax Efficient Investing

Reduction in tax payments is only the first step to increase your retirement income. We also look at the full picture of your income sources and help you to maximize income by developing strategies to avoid loss of benefits such as OAS clawback and pension integration.  Learn more >