Creating Wealth

Allegiance Wealth Management

The first step in building a lifetime of wealth is to establish a solid foundation through proper planning in cash flow management, income protection, and savings for emergency. Generally, wealth is created during the career stage of most people lives. As you progress through your career, your income from employment or business will increase so as your lifestyle needs such as buying your first home, caring for your children, and savings for emergency…etc. Having a plan that outlines strategies to meet your current needs as well as your future goals is crucial in achieving your desired lifestyle.

Savings for Children Education

Picturing your child receiving a diploma and be ready to embark on a new stage of life is every parent’s wish. But how can you offer such opportunity to your child in the meanwhile you try to accomplish other financial goals in life? We can help you to establish a sufficient funding plan for your children education.  Learn more >

Savings for Retirement

While retirement might seem to be a distance away, preparation will never be too early. What is your vision of your future retirement lifestyle? To most people, retirement is the time when we can enjoy the fruits of our hard work, but are you financially prepared for it? Do you have a formal plan that shows you ways to get there? Many people are inaction to save for retirement because they think it requires substantial sacrifice of today’s lifestyle. Contrary to the general brief, savings for your dream retirement can be effortless if you have a constructive plan that optimizes cash flow, minimizes taxation, and incorporates efficient investment strategies.  Learn more >

Managing Investments

Creating a sound investment / savings plan plays an important role in the phase of wealth accumulation. Whether your priority is to save for your children education or to save for your retirement, we can develop a well diversified investment portfolio to maximize returns and minimize risks.  Learn more >

Tax Efficient Investing

Tax planning is a significant part in an overall financial plan. Through analysis of your current financial situation, we can identify opportunities and strategies to help you minimize taxation. By improving tax efficiency means you have more financial resources available to meet your long-term goals.  Learn more >

Income & Assets Protection

Your ability to work is your greatest asset and the sources of your income are key components of your financial well being. Proper protection, through insurance planning, is the base for financial security. During the planning process, we will develop strategies to help you mitigate risks arising from uncontrollable events in life, such as premature death, long-term disability, critical illness, and loss of employment.  Learn more >

Solutions for Your Business

If you run a business, you may face with many more situations than being an employee. Starting and managing a business require a great deal of effort and energy. Balancing between work and life is often a common challenge that many business owners find in today’s complex and competitive business world. At Allegiance Wealth Management, we have access to a network of professionals who specialized in helping business owners with their needs whether those needs range from benefits and pension, buy-sell funding arrangement, key person insurance, to business succession.