Managing Investments

Allegiance Wealth Mangement

*Growth of your investment assets requires continuous management involving investment analysis, selection, and risk control. We deploy a thorough process in managing your investment portfolio in order to produce consistent results to meet your financial goal. Develop a sound investment plan is a multi-steps process:

  1. Gathering Information

    • Identify your financial goal and investment capital
    • Determine investment objective (i.e./income requirement or capital growth requirement)
    • Understand your risk profile and setting portfolio risk control parameters
    • Current investment portfolio analysis
  2. Develop an investment plan

    • Identify opportunities based on your financial situation
    • Create appropriate investment strategies & structure
    • Develop portfolio’s asset allocation
    • Selection appropriate investments
  3. Review & Monitoring

    • Ongoing portfolio monitoring and rebalance
    • Performance reporting and review
    • Investment plan revision and adjustments

*Information presented herein relates strictly to insurance products and segregated funds.

A sound investment plan to secure your future can be established with help of our advisors.