Our Company

Allegiance Wealth Management

Who are we?

Allegiance Wealth Management is a Vancouver based financial planning company founded by a team of dedicated financial professionals. Currently our company is lead by our principal and managing partner, Frederick Lau, who has a wide range of experiences in the industry since 1997.

Our advisors have extensive experience in the financial services industry and we are independent of any financial institutions where our advice are based on objectivity for the best interests of our clients, rather than to fulfill corporate business objectives.

Since the inception of our company, we have built an extensive network of planning professionals in the area of accounting, legal, banking, and real estate, in order to offer our clients an all-rounded financial advice. Through our services, our clients can get access to the expertise of these professionals for their personal or business financial planning needs.

What we do?

A key element of what we do is that we provide advice by integrating all aspects of our client financial circumstances to optimize results to meet their goals. Regardless of the stage of the lifecycle, every individual situation is different and unique; we do not believe a cookie-cut approach can meet the needs and goals of our clients.  We first begin by understanding our clients concerns and objectives; next we evaluate the resources and opportunities available to our clients; and finally we provide tailored recommendations or plans to assist our clients meeting their financial goals. We take on an integrated planning approach driven by a disciplined planning process to maximize results for our clients.

We are committed to our client promises. We are passionate in striving to meet our client goals by providing consistent service and advice. Once the financial plan has been implemented, our clients receive regular communication regarding to the progress of their plans and ongoing maintenance by us to ensure that they are on track to meet their goals. We believe having regular contacts with our clients is very important as life circumstances change constantly and we have to ensure our clients plan is always reflecting their needs and goals.

Our Passion

We are dedicated to do one thing and one thing only, and that is to help our clients to fulfill their financial dreams. The financial well being of our clients always come first. We find great sense of achievement when we are able to see our clients successfully reaching their goals. No other words are better described the joys of seeing our clients finding financial fulfillment in their lives.

Our Mission

Our priority is to be the financial planner of choice in the eyes of our clients. People can work with many financial advisors in their life, such as their bankers, investment brokers, insurance agents, and accountants … etc. But in the case of a financial planner, most people would only work with one person who oversee many different integral parts of their financial plan and let the planner be the quarterback to coordinate all the efforts to achieve their financial goals. We would like to be the financial planners of our clients.

If you are interested to engage us in assisting you to establish a tailored financial plan, please contact our advisors.